“Generic Viagra” The Miracle Low Cost Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem that is very common with men. It is the inability of the penis (male sexual organ), to have an erection, strong enough for sex. Sometimes, this sexual problem occurs when a man is passing through emotional difficulties, or when he is stressed. But, the most common and frequent type comes as a symptom of a health problem and requires serious medical attention.

Erectile dysfunction is not a condition that should be treated lightly. It has created problems in many homes and made many happy couples sad. However, the prevalence of this sexual problem gave many researchers and scientists sleepless nights. However, as a result of the hard work and commitments, they found a miracle remedy for erectile dysfunction. In fact, they didn’t just discover a remedy, but something that surprised everyone in the health niche. They discovered Generic VIAGRA, a drug that gives hope to men with ED.


Generic Viagra is the best remedy for men with erectile dysfunction. It can be used to treat sexual dysfunction in all men, irrespective of how long the condition had persisted. The fact is that every man wants to be regarded as a superman when it comes to bedroom activities. But with the presence of the monster called erectile dysfunction, this cannot happen. So, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, know that the pill has the answers to your problems. It has the capacity to turn your sex life around for good and make you a superhero in your bedroom activities. So, do you want to know how you can have access to this remedy? Then you are in the right place. We sell Generic Viagra online at the best prices, so you can purchase from us. In fact, you can order for this drug from any part of the world; USA, Canada, Asia, and name it, once you place an order, the drug will be delivered to your doorstep right away. Now that you know the solution to your sexual problem, you don’t need to wait any longer, order generic Viagra online immediately to rekindle your sex life.


Generic Viagra is a special drug created to help men with erectile dysfunction, irrespective of their ages or how long they have been suffering from it. The drug has different brand names like Zwagra, Revatio, Eresma, Edegra, Penegra, Aphrodil and Silagra. And even with these generic names, it doesn’t change the potency or use of the drug. It still remains the most effective remedy for ED that is available to mankind. The drug works like magic, and it doesn’t care how long your sexual problem had lasted or the cause of the condition. You can check generic Viagra online Canada pharmacy for more information.

This drug is a special one, and it was produced according to the standards and guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as through contrary engineering. In fact, the reverse engineering is a different method of how Sildenafil is being produced, and this shows why the drug reacts quickly when taken for sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. However, people are always advised to buy drugs from a genuine pharmacy store, and since  Viagra is very popular, it will interest you to know that there are many fraudsters online who are selling counterpart drugs. So, before you go ahead to buy generic Viagra, you need to find out if the drug is genuine. Get yourself acquainted with each of the generic name for Viagra, so you won’t be taken by surprise when you hear the name from the seller. And remember, the Canadian pharmacy generic Viagra is the same in other location.

The different Generic Viagra strength

Drug type Mg (strength) Dosage
Generic Viagra 25 mg Low
Generic Viagra 50 mg Standard
Generic Viagra 27 mg Increased
Generic Viagra 100 mg Increased

You have seen the diverse dose range of the drug, but it is advisable that you take the strength that will work well with your system, and not the one that will inconvenience you.


  • The first advice is to follow the direction strictly and regularly use Generic Viagra as instructed. And if you come across something you don’t understand, you can contact your doctor or pharmacist for help.
  • One important role the drugs playis to help men with ED to have a firm erection, and as a result, it should be taken before sexual intercourse begins.
  • Another very important instruction is to take the medication only on an empty stomach or after consuming food with less fat. You shouldn’t forget to take it orally, some minutes before having sexual intercourse with your partner.


Before you start taking Generic Viagra or drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors, you should contact your doctor for advice. However, those suffering from conditions such as liver or kidney disease, blood cancer, retina, stroke, scarring/fibrosis, should also contact their doctors before using this medication.


Country Strength (Mg) Cost per pill
Canada 100 mg $3.8
USA 100 mg $4.9

As you look for generic Viagra for sale, one thing you must know is that the price of the drug varies from pharmacy to pharmacy. Since there are many generic online pharmaceutical stores, it is possible to buy at a cheaper rate from a reputable online pharmacy store. So, if you are in search of where to buy genericViagra, make sure you visit only a reputable online pharmacy Viagra generic store, like the Canadian generic Viagra pharmaceutical store. One thing you should also know is that you can buy generic Viagra no matter your location. And if you have friends or a family member who is having erectile dysfunction, you can either buy for them or direct them to where they can buy it.


Many keep asking, what’s the ingredient that’s making generic Viagra so active? The answer is Sildenafil Citrate. This active ingredient is effectively used to treat impotency in men, and it also possesses the capacity to help men with ED last long during sexual intercourse, and it gives a firm erection that makes sex more enjoying. So, now that you are aware of the solution to your ED problems, it’s time to take action. Buy generic Viagra pills from a trusted pharmacy that sells genuine generic Viagra pills.

As earlier mentioned, you can buy generic Viagra in USA or generic Viagra online Canada, even though you are not in Canada or USA. You can go for generic Viagra 50mg or Viagra 100mg, and remember that you can purchase the cheap generic Viagra 100mg from a reputable online pharmacy. Since everyone can have access to generic Viagra USA or generic Viagra India irrespective of their locations, the main focus should not be based on where to get generic Viagra online but the price and quality of the drug. However, any online pharmacy store that is registered and has a good reputation is the best place to buy generic Viagra online. You can do proper research to know if the store has been licensed or authorized by the regulatory body such as FDA (Food and Drug Administration), to operate in the USA. If the pharmacy is duly registered, then you don’t have anything to worry about. However, you need to also check and confirm the approval seal that usually placed on the Viagra generic product’s packaging before making payments, and still confirm the Viagra generic date too.

However, if you are interested in buying generic Viagra from India, then buy from an online pharmaceutical store that has already been licensed by the regulatory bodies in charge. In fact, they help to:

  • Control both the offline and online activities of the medicinal stores.
  • Make sure expired drugs are not sold to customers. Of course, a reputable online pharmacy will not sell expired products.
  • Give rules and regulations on how stores should operate
  • Boost the confidence of users that the drug they are purchasing is genuine.

However, users are advised to buy drugs from a reputable pharmacy or check properly to verify the authenticity of any pharmacy they wish to buy drugs from. The reason is because the mistake of buying drugs from a fake online pharmacy is very costly.

Thousands of men have benefited greatly from sildenafil because it has helped them by restoring their sexual ability and happiness and make them last longer in bed. The truth is that in every intimate relationship, the man has a special duty of making sure his partner is 100% satisfied sexually, in order to maintain a good sexual relationship for life. So, if you are suffering from ED, there is no excuse, because even ED cannot limit your sexual ability when Generic Viagra is involved. However, you can broaden your knowledge on this drug by simply becoming a member of any generic Viagra forum you like.

However, if you are worried about the price of this miracle male sexual enhancement pill, have it in mind that you can purchase cheap generic Viagra anytime online. In addition, the drug is also available at some local pharmacy stores, but a lot of people choose online sildenafil citrate because it is cheaper and more convenient to order drugs online. One of the reasons why drugs are cheap online is because online pharmacy does not usually spend much to manage many outlets as local pharmacy stores do. They manage just a single outlet, and this helps to reduce their expenses. Also, by ordering generic Viagra online, buyers do not only enjoy cheaper rates but can read about other drugs from the site. So, if you are searching for the best place to buy generic Viagra, or where you can find more information about Viagra generics and erectile dysfunction, then you can order for your generic Viagra online. But remember, the medical store should be certified, even though the generic Viagra online pharmacy is offering you a fair price.

If you have plans to buy the generic version of Viagra from an online pharmacy, a very important advice is to avoid generic Viagra without prescription. The drug is a prescription medication, which means you need a valid prescription from your doctor to purchase it. A reputable online pharmacy will not sell Viagra without prescription; this is the practice of fake online pharmacy stores, so you must avoid them. If you are buying generic Viagra online or offline, you need to contact or seek instructions from your doctor or pharmacist, as only he or she can tell if you are fit to take the drug by going through your medical record. And if he or she feels you are not fit to use this drug, then another can be prescribed for you. So, if you are ordering Viagra from online pharmaceutical stores, avoid those that do not give the right prescription or instructions on how generic Sildenafil should be used. This sex pill is not the type of drug you take every day unless the need arises. According to the manufacturers, you must take it some minutes before having sex with your partner. People who buy Canada generic Viagra and also from other parts of the world online are always satisfied. They get the cheapest generic Viagra online and there is always a generic Viagra PayPal option where they can make secure payments online. Reputable online medicinal stores also offer discount generic Viagra to buyers who are working on a low budget, and this is a big plus, considering the variations in the generic Viagra prices. However, you can contact the online pharmacy to know the Viagra generic cost and check if they offer cheap generic Viagra fee shipping. Other services you can opt for include buy generic Viagra online fast shipping, especially if you want your product delivered fast.


What is Generic Viagra?

Generic Viagra is a miracle remedy for erectile dysfunction. It helps men with the condition to have rock solid erections and last longer in bed. It contains the active ingredient called Sildenafil.

Does Generic Viagra work?

Yes, it works if you take it for erectile dysfunction.

Is Generic Viagra safe?

Yes, the drug is safe. It contains sildenafil citrate and it’s safe for people who don’t have any health issue. You can contact your doctor for advice.

Is it possible to order for generic Viagra online?

Yes, you can order for generic Viagra online, irrespective of your location.


Erectile dysfunction made my life a living hell for 6 years. I tried all I could and used many things they told me would help to improve my condition but all failed. I came across Generic Viagra, and because I had used other drugs with no result, I doubted it. But to my greatest surprise, it turned out to be the only solution to my erectile dysfunction problem of six (6) years.

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